Journey to the Soul:

A Retreat to Nourish Mind, Body and Spirit

Angel Valley Retreat Center
Sedona, Arizona




Join transformational life coach and registered art therapist Ellaine Peck, and registered art therapist and counselor Camille Smith, as they guide you on a journey of self discovery. The body and breath will be our guides as we become fully present and mindful, deepening our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world through art, music and movement. Grounded in principles of pleasure and play and using multiple creative and contemplative practices participants will experience opportunities to:


•  Discover inner strengths and resources

•  Release self-limiting beliefs
•  Illuminate personal vision


Focusing on creative process as an adventure in playful self-discovery we will shed old stories and limiting self-concepts creating a brilliant new vision of ourselves and our service in the world. Using masks, mandalas and guided visualization we will engage in sacred play and divine ritual, marveling at what emerges along the way. Movement, art, music, poetry, journaling and performance will be our tools for integrating and connecting the inner and outer worlds. Gratitude and compassion will figure prominently as we cultivate curiosity and wonder. Time and space will be incorporated for harvesting the rich gifts of the retreat and enjoying the beauty of the natural surroundings of Angel Valley. Our collective wisdom will be nurtured and shared through group experience. Participants are encouraged to bring a personal journal. All other supplies will be provided. No artistic skill is needed to participate or benefit from these processes.


Next trip dates to be announced.


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Camille brings 24 years of practice as an art therapist engaged in transformational group process to this retreat. Currently on the faculty of Prescott College, Camille directs the Expressive Art Therapy concentration and the Expressive Art Therapy Summer Institute. For the past 7 years Camille has focused her practice on art therapy education and facilitation of transformational, experiential workshops focused on development of personal insight, growth and healing for participants with an emphasis on ritual, the sacred in every day and letting go of judgment in creativity. Camille is a long time practitioner of meditation and hatha yoga, a former modern dancer and a bee keeper.

“When art making, we ignite the imagination, we inherently instill HOPE;

a possibility of feeling or being different;

the awareness we have the ability to CREATE a positive future for ourselves.”


- Camille Smith, LPC, ATR-BC



Ellaine brings 24 years of practice as a registered art therapist, as well as a certified Dream Builder transformational life coach.  Working with individuals and groups to facilitate healing, self knowledge and transformation through creativity, self reflection, and play, has been Ellaine’s life passion and service in the world. Ellaine is committed to helping people ignite their own passion and belief in their dreams. Through practices of forgiveness and gratitude, one is able to release old paradigms and expand their thinking to include a belief they can live the life they LOVE living! Through experiential and creative group processes and rituals, we are able to support one another and raise our vibration to create a fuller, freer expression of ourselves. Ellaine is an artist, a longtime student of spiritual practices, and a trained hula and tahitian dancer.


“The act of creating can be transformative.

It awakens, acknowledges, and embraces our Soul Voice.

Our Soul Voice reveals our truth, and can guide us to our highest path.

It is our choice whether to listen.”


- Ellaine Peck                                          




~ Come and Journey to Your Soul ~